Blaxland Mawson and Rose can provide experienced legal advice in some areas of family law. We will give you guidance as to your rights and obligations and promote outcomes that focus on the best interests for you and your family.
In particular, we can assist you in the following areas:

  1. Children’s Arrangements – assisting you in negotiating what time your children will spend with their parents and other important people in their lives, planning future arrangements such as education, and ensuring that children’s needs are met; or urgent applications such as child recovery or relocation;
  2. Property Adjustment – advising and assisting on the most appropriate way of dividing assets after the end of a marriage or de facto relationship;
  3. Cohabitation and Pre Nuptial Agreements – assisting you in negotiating and clarifying arrangements for the future prior to entering into a marriage or de facto relationship;
  4. Divorce – preparation of your application for divorce and appearance at the hearing if necessary.

We encourage and promote negotiation and mediation. Our team has experience in negotiating with ex-partners to attempt to reach an amicable agreement without the pain, stress and expense that can arise from a lengthy court battle.